Baby Shower Ideas Oct10


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Baby Shower Ideas

“Baby Showers” are ancient celebrations that functioned as “ritual of passage” for motherhood. Early Egyptians and Greeks celebrated after the baby was born, and the ceremony included disposal of the umbilical cord, and sometimes it served to name the baby. As time passed this celebration evolved from being ceremonial to the Victorian era when a tea party was given to the mother and baby to give them presents, and for the family to meet the baby. After WWII, Baby Showers took a more consumer approach when this party was given to help the mother-to-be with the economic burden of the baby expenses.
Today Baby Showers vary from all female to mixed parties that include invitations, games, food, cakes, drinks, but without changing the original purpose: celebrate motherhood!

Here are some ideas from Lily’s Cakes:



And from Dolly’s Cake Toppers, this cake toppers are handmade with gum paste, based on a picture of a real baby. It’s ideal for baby shower cake topper, cupcake topper or party favor.

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