Pastillage Creations Jul26

Pastillage Creations

This amazing cake, made by Dolly’s Cake, was made to celebrate Dolly’s husband’s birthday. The theme is based in his native Argentinian tradition of drinking the delicious Yerba Mate. Absolutely everything is sugar. The Yerba Mate is one of South America’s most social...

Cake Idea Jun13

Cake Idea

This one-of-a-kind cake decoration idea, make by Dolly’s Cake Toppers, is simply spectacular. This cake idea was inspired by the birthday girl’s favorite hobby: embroidery. The decoration was made out of sugar, and the attention to the details, make this cake so realistic that for...

Sugar Magnolia Jun11

Sugar Magnolia

This handmade sugar Magnolia, crafted by Dolly’s Cake Toppers, makes the perfect accent on wedding and special occasion cakes. It comes ready to be placed on your sweet creation. Though its made of sugar I wouldn’t recommend eating them, because they dry solid hard and also, are...

Cake Ideas May30

Cake Ideas

Cake ideas are the first thing we search for, when planning a party. Cake means: we love you, and you are important to us. Every special occasion, from birthdays to weddings, kids, adults, and even pets, every little or big event in our lives, are celebrated with a beautiful cake. Why?...

Amazing Cake May12

Amazing Cake

This amazing cake was made by Dolly’s Cake Toppers to celebrate my friend’s adorable puppy birthday. It can get cuter than...

Cool Cake May07

Cool Cake

This “beer” cake, made by Dolly’s Cake Toppers, was inspired on my friend’s husband favorite brand of beer, to celebrate his 40th birthday. The bottles are made out of sugar paste, and the bottom is a vanilla cake. So...


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