Cupcake Ideas Jul27

Cupcake Ideas

These are a few cupcake idea decorations that impress me not because they are beautiful but mostly for their flavor a texture. Lately, thanks to TV Shows, cupcakes have become very popular, especially in kid’s parties where sometimes it’s the perfect substitute for the traditional...

Mini Cheesecake Pie May30

Mini Cheesecake Pie

This Mini cheese cake pie desserts are very easy and cost efficient. They are elegant and versatile for any event, gender, and age. Ingredients: 20 graham cookie mini pie crust 2 packages of softened cream cheese 2 eggs 3/4 cup of brown sugar 1 teaspoon...

1st Birthday for Girls Mar27

1st Birthday for Gir...

Minnie Mouse inspired cake, cupcakes, and cookies made by Lily’s cakes. About Lilly’s Cakes E: / T:...

Dessert Tables Mar26

Dessert Tables

These dessert tables include: brigadeiros, truffles, assorted desserts in mini shot presentation, and the cake, all surrounded by floral arrangements. About Adriana Pifano Fine Desser

Mini Shots Mar18

Mini Shots

These deliciously and well presented desserts, or “mini shots”  made by Adriana Pifano, are designed to make the guests experience different flavors without feeling the guilt of having too much! Flavors include: Chocolate Mousse, Passion Fruit Mousse, Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu,...

Engagement Dessert Table Jul10

Engagement Dessert T...


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