Decorating with Fondant

One of the things I like about decorating with fondant is that there is no limit of shapes, or textures that you can apply either to a cake or a cookie. Its smooth texture can be used as a base, and its malleability allows to be molded into figurines, enhancing the look of any kind of dessert.

This First Communion Cake, made by Lilli’s Cakes, used grapes, as the theme, since they represent the fruit that makes the wine, which is an important symbol in the catholic church, because it means celebration and, at the same time, the sacrifice. This First Communion was celebrated for a boy and a girl, so the purple becomes the perfect neutral color for such event.

The cookies were given as party favors and with different designs, to provide variety to the dessert table, and were placed in beautiful decorated boxes, making it look well organized.