Easy Party Favors

This easy party favor idea was inspired in my 12 year old favorite snacks, and includes 1 can of soda, a bag of potato chips, and s’more kit.

To make this super easy party favor (for 20 guests), you’ll need:

20 Party Favor Bags (any color)

40 Mini Treat Bags

20 Large Marshmallows

20 Sticks

40 Honey Maid Graham Squares (Crackers)

20 Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars

20 Salty Snacks (Potato Chips, Doritos, etc)

20 Small Cans of Coke (or the drink of your choice)

First make 20 sets of 2 Graham in a small treat bag and seal. Then insert a stick into the a marshmallow, and wrap it with a small treat bag, and seal. Them in the party favor bag place the other items and tie.

Will you join us?