Pastillage Creations Jul26


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Pastillage Creations

This amazing cake, made by Dolly’s Cake, was made to celebrate Dolly’s husband’s birthday. The theme is based in his native Argentinian tradition of drinking the delicious Yerba Mate. Absolutely everything is sugar. The Yerba Mate is one of South America’s most social infusion. For many centuries the people of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil have enjoyed the rejuvenating effects of Yerba Mate. This energizing herbal tea, was recently declared national infusion of Argentina. The most common way to drink Yerba Mate is using a gourd and bombilla. Mate is placed in the gourd which is filled with water. The tea becomes infused and is drunk using a metal bombilla which acts as both a straw and strainer. Warm water is usually poured from a thermos which keeps the water at optimal temperature.

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